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Art Gallery Submissions 
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"Passion Project"

a collective exhibition

Submission deadline: June 17th

We are looking for any type of art medium that is filled with passion or any project that inspired a love of art!

Paintings, drawings, sculptures, digital art, or any other medium is welcome to submit! We require hardware on the back of your piece to hang on our gallery wall. If it is a sculpture piece, please let us know what you need to properly display your piece!


If you have multiple pieces you are considering, feel free to send them all! We typically accept one piece per artist but if it is part of a series we may accept multiple.

Please submit via email to: 

Include a picture of your piece (or multiple pieces) with your artist name, size of the piece, and contact information. 

More information and drop-off details will be given once piece is accepted. Project(s) must be dropped off before June 28th if accepted.


All artist submissions will receive an email within a few days after the submission deadline to confirm if the piece has been accepted.

Opening Reception: Saturday. July 1st 5pm-7pm


Attending accepted artists will have the chance to talk about their piece during the reception but it is not required!


All are welcome to join us for the reception and complimentary hors d'oeuvres and refreshments will be served!

We hope to see you there and look forward to seeing more incredible creations!

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