Grand Opening-01.png

Save the date! It’s gonna be a party!

I am officially going to start responding to emails and scheduling this week! It took a little longer to open than I expected, but the Den is back in business! I will be scheduling for August - November for this booking period to everyone who emailed me back in May! I’m so excited to share this new space with you guys.

I’m so excited to tattoo you all here.

More info about the gallery exhibition will be posted soon so stay tuned if you have some art to share with me.

Thank you so much to everyone who has been a part of this transition of my business and who lent a hand. I appreciate you all so much I can’t even explain it. I am so grateful.

There will be $1 Raffles for merchandise, tattoo sessions (INCLUDING A $1000 ALL-DAY SESSION WITH YA GIRL) and more!! Plus 20% off all merchandise during the grand opening night! And I’ll have some fresh designs for that night as well!

Love you all. Hope to see you there!


Tattoo Artist

Jessie Luna

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Jessie Luna's portfolio

and Tattoo Artist

Gretta Ingraham

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